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Cierra Miller    9/1/2019-7/1/2020

 It’s been a constant roller coaster with my weight. I have tried extreme diets,  starved myself,  and done a combo of eating far too little and working out far too much. I had temporary “successes” but always reverted back to my food addiction. Food is the constant friend for me.  It was the only thing in life I felt I could control (when actually it was controlling me). In June 2019 I was desperate. We had some life altering circumstances.  Again, I turned to food... I felt miserable about my appearance, empty inside, useless, and my health was stealing my energy. I was depressed and didn’t want to do anything. It was affecting every aspect of my life. I even got to the point of  asking myself if my existence mattered. I honestly wanted to disappear. I began the process of  weight loss surgery. It was scheduled for August 28.  I  knew this would fix everything. I began prepping for it, doing what they tell you to do but I was struggling to find a protein shake that I could tolerate.  My body rejected 25 different kinds. The day before my liquid diet prep, I had a gut check and knew this was the wrong decision for me. Surgery or no surgery, it wasn’t going to fix the brokenness inside. I was still devastated.  Just a few days after my decision to cancel my surgery, my friends  introduced me to Lisa Bannorra Green. Lisa is a keto/life coach among so many other amazing things. She has a heart for God and for people. She spoke so much encouragement into my heart in our initial 10 minute conversation. I was ready to jump in with both feet.  The focus isn't much on the weight aspect.  It’s all about connecting to God and allowing Him to love you and show you who you are in Him. Yes, she helps with the food and teaches you how to eat within the ketogenic lifestyle (and holds you accountable) with the weight, but even more she helped me see myself as a child of God and that I was created for purpose. I started walking out her plan on September 1, of today I am down 80 pounds!!!  What is more exciting is that I am learning to love myself where I’m at and give myself grace. I have really started digging in to all of the pain and hurt that hurled me into this food addiction. I’m allowing God to heal me from the inside out and in the midst of it, I’ve developed a healthier relationship with food. I feel proud of myself; I feel worthy and so loved! Thanks to all my friends who have been praying with me through this. So, here’s to 80 pounds gone forever and to future goals, finding wholeness in God, and living life on purpose! 💕  Cierra

It’s been about a year and a half since I started my keto weight loss journey. I hit the ground running and had amazing success losing 40 pounds in under six months. Lisa was the perfect encourager for me! She made meal plans simple (for a busy mom of 4) and was there whenever I felt like I needed her.  I slipped back into old habits and in the exact amount of time it took me to lose 40 pounds, I gain it ALL back. I felt depressed, mad, and honestly hated myself for not being the person I wanted to be. For the entire winter I hid in sweatshirts and leggings but as the temperatures rose I could no longer hide under my clothes. I reach out again to Lisa for help. She sent devotionals and talked me through starting with little steps and goals! This time in my journey I am learning to love myself at every stage, to know I worthy of investing time and energy into who I am. This time, keto is my lifestyle and not just a quick weight loss tool. I am embracing the process and developing a healthy relationship with food. Let me encourage you like Lisa has always done for me! If you have an off plan day, it’s okay. Start again at the next meal and move on. Never give up “trying” because you are so worth it and discovering freedom in loving yourself is the ultimate goal! 

Sarah Verkamp 40 pounds!

Life changing. Those are the words I would use to describe my experience with Lisa and her Keys to Whole Living program. Knowledge is power and I feel so well informed and empowered to continue on this wellness journey. My goal was to improve my eating habits, strengthen my mind and body and in the process lose weight. The difference is it's all encapsulated in knowing the One greater than myself and that is my relationship with the Lord. I was able to accomplish all of those within 3 months and I feel amazing! I highly recommend working with Lisa. The support, encouragement and expertise are second to none. I am excited to continue to learn more! 

Heather Seibel 25 lbs 3 months

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