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About Us

Lisa Green, Founder

Founder of Keys to Whole Living, Lisa believes that everything in life has a spiritual connection and revolves around a relationship with God and each other. Her heart is to help others grow in their identity and in wholeness Spirit, Soul, and Body. She is a seeker of God and believes He will speak to anyone who listens. As a pastor, prophetic teacher, and dream interpreter, her desire is that each person would fully develop their relationship with God and others, creating unity while keeping individuality that can only be the one and only them.


As both a certified Enneagram and Ketogenic coach, she believes in first things first. Looking up, it's the vertical connection that gives the empowerment to free the mind, will, and emotions. With discovery through Enneagram, coaching with practical guidance, and walking out clean eating to break the cycles of food addiction, KTWL believes, in the way God created you, you can become wholly you.

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Sarah Michel, Intercessor

Sarah, a true follower of Christ, is passionate about personal spiritual growth. She has a God inspired passion to walk alongside, support in prayer and cheer others on as they too reach toward their destiny of whole health; body, soul, and spirit. As a member of the team, she has had her own struggles and in her words, was a typical yoyo dieter. Trying new fads, losing weight and then gained them back once she stopped whatever plan she tried. Since participating in and then becoming part of the Keys to Whole Living team she has found food freedom, weight loss, and increased energy by following a ketogenic lifestyle. It works. The value came in not just losing weight, but her dependence upon God. She has had to process some life altering circumstances and now raises two toddlers alone as her husband passed into eternity to be with the Lord. Sarah, has an uncanny ability to see God in it all, continues strong in faith, and prays for you as our team intercessor. 

Sara Sellman, Social Media, Music

Heading 1

Meet Sara.  She’s passionate about wholeness.  Sara has been on her wholeness journey her whole life.  An eating disorder in high school coupled with low self-esteem it took its toll.  In college, Sara along with her doctor’s help, learned how to work out and manage her weight in a “healthier” way. She became happier and healthier. Then a major auto accident changed everything. 


Enter a relationship with Jesus that began a journey that has changed her forever. Recently Sara has been working through and dealing with chronic autoimmune disease.  She is continually working towards wholeness between her mind, body, and Spirit with health and wholeness. 


 Sara’s passionate about her faith and a worshipper at heart.  That’s how she fights her battles and pursues God.  She’s an example of what a miracle God can do in someone’s life looks like, even in the midst of difficulties.

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