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with TEARS

All images are the work of Rose-Lynn Fisher

Tears, at their heart, are a form of release.

Recently, I was visiting my grandsons. Both are toddler's. When the older one cries, for various reasons, the younger one, who is 16 months, literally stops whatever he is doing and does the same thing. He cries. I don't mean just some wailing or fussing alone, but whatever decibel or type, this little guy follows suit....complete with tears. Now that's empathy at it's finest!

Under a microscope, tears look different depending upon the emotion. Rose-Lynn Fisher has done some amazing work. The photo above: Tears of Compassion

This is a picture of tears where something could NOT be fixed.

For those of you who remember the movie... The Holiday, Amanda, has an issue, she can't cry. No matter how hard she tries, she can't even squeeze out one little drop. There really are people like that. However, as a child my parents would say you are just like your gramma.....and what they meant is that I cried over every little thing. Sensitive. That was me, in a word. Those tears had a way of leaking out, whether I was happy, sad, angry, frustrated, excited, or anything else in between. But as I grew and experienced more of life, I found that people who cry all the time, namely me, those tears can be seen as weapon or a tool to get what you want. They can be turned off and on. Sometimes they are accepted and sometimes they aren't. Ever cried in the shower so that no one can see or hear you? Or when everyone else is asleep? You think you are alone. Often that no one cares or understands.

What I discovered is that my crying can evoke something in another person. It makes others feel something. Sometimes that is guilt, or remorse or joy with you.

Tears of Remorse

You know those sappy commercials that give you goose bumps? Ever try to hide those tears so folks don't know a television commercial moved you to tears? How about Budweiser commercials with the horses? Or Hallmark?????? Gotcha.

These are goodbye tears.....we often say a tearful goodbye. It's literal.

What's my point of all of this, besides that this is crazy and undeniably amazing?!?!

Did you know that:

1. Jesus wept: John 11:35 This is in reference to his friend Lazarus had passed away-

(which Jesus raised him on the fourth day John 11:17).

2. God wipes away every tear: Revelation 7:17

3. God keeps all your tears: Psalm 56:8

4. He understands your agony and the tears that flow with it: Hebrews 5:6-8

We are called to weep with those who weep and to rejoice with those who rejoice. Romans 12:15

Weeping with those who weep, divides the sorrow and rejoicing with those who rejoice makes double pleasure.

Express yourself! Release the tears.

By the way, you know the tears shed from peeling an onion, they too have their own composition. See below.

There is always more than meets the eye.


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